Peak Brain Living Strategies by Dr. Allen Bowling

It is increasingly recognized that lifestyle and self care strategies are a critical component of health care. However, due to a variety of barriers in American culture and the American health care system, these strategies are often neglected in the care of people with Multiple Sclerosis (as well as those with other chronic diseases). Many studies over the past decade have identified the significant impact of lifestyle and self care on health, including neurological disease.

Peak Brain Living is a novel approach to self care and lifestyle issues in Multiple Sclerosis. This strategy incorporates scientific and clinical discoveries into an evidence-based approach to self care for people with Multiple Sclerosis. At Neurology Care, the clinical practice of Dr. Allen Bowling, Peak Brain Living strategies are incorporated into the day-to-day management of those with MS.

There are several components of Peak Brain Living. More information about specific strategies may be found in the following areas:

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