Neurology Consultation

dr allen c bowling consultation

Providing high quality cutting edge neurology consultations to those affected by multiple sclerosis…

Dr. Bowling’s clinical care is thoughtful and patient-centered yet rigorous and comprehensive. He uses his extensive clinical and scientific training and wide-based knowledge and experience to develop an approach that is individualized and designed to optimize the care of each patient. He is committed to communicating clearly and being personable and approachable.

First, in terms of neurological care, Dr. Bowling focuses exclusively on Multiple Sclerosis.  He is, in fact, a Neurologist that treats Multiple Sclerosis with years of experience providing quality care. Due to the fact that Dr. Bowling has written several books and articles on multiple sclerosis and attends neurology and Multiple Sclerosis conferences regularly, he is able to diagnose and treat the disease with cutting-edge approaches.  In addition, in this time of financially restricted, bare-bones medical care, he is actually directly involved in all aspects of his patients’ care unlike some of the larger Multiple Sclerosis practices.  For Dr. Bowling, ongoing patient care and education are the core of what he does and therefore works very hard to provide these services at the highest quality level.  In order to do that, Dr. Bowling sees patients on a day-to-day basis and is directly involved in reviewing test results and medication management personally.

There are other services that Dr. Bowling thinks are critical to complement patient care.  The majority of people with Multiple Sclerosis use alternative medicine—as a result, and to his patient’s benefit, he has spent years training himself and writing books and articles on this topic.  Dr. Bowling is an international authority on alternative medicine and thus can incorporate these strengths and skills into his practice with ease.

Case in point, there is growing evidence that lifestyle approaches, such as exercise and diet, may have an impact on brain health and on Multiple Sclerosis—Dr. Bowling incorporates lifestyle monitoring and education into his practice as well.  Finally, through his collaboration with the Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI), Dr. Bowling is able to offer a wide range of other Multiple Sclerosis specific services, including rehabilitation medicine (including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy), psychological services, and neuroradiology.

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