Dr Allen C Bowling Multiple Sclerosis Specialist

Dr. Allen Bowling believes that there should be a broad-based approach to Multiple Sclerosis Care and Treatment.  The treatment of Multiple Sclerosis is sometimes discussed in very standardized and scientific terms.  Dr. Bowling believes in a very rigorous scientific approach—in addition to his MD, he also has a PhD in pharmacology and has done basic science and clinical research allowing him to provide options not otherwise discussed . However, Dr. Bowling does recognize that we don’t fully understand the disease process of Multiple Sclerosis, don’t currently have a cure, and thus shouldn’t “put all our eggs in one basket.”  Dr. Bowling’s overall Multiple Sclerosis Care and Treatment is more like that of a thoughtful gambler than of a scientist— he believes in using a variety of therapies that are appropriate for the individual and also do the best at getting all the “good chips” that we can without causing harm.  This means pushing as hard as he can with medications to treat the disease and its symptoms, but also addressing other issues such as lifestyle strategies and, if relevant, unconventional therapies.

Dr. Bowling also lectures on many topics related to Multiple Sclerosis Care and Treatment and Complementary and Alternative Medicine treatment options. Over the past 10 years, he has delivered more than 300 lectures to lay and professional audiences.

If you would like more information on Dr. Allen Bowling, you can view his Curriculum Vitae and Biographical Sketch for a brief summary of Dr. Bowling’s outstanding qualifications and work.

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